Men’s Clothing London 21st Century


This is an exhibit that is taken from the Metropolitan Museum of Manila, located along Roxas Boulevard, beside Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

I see five different clothing that also looks like costumes that people wear. It looks like they were worn from the 1980s times where disco is everywhere. The right most costume has red dots all over it that attracts people to look at it. The next did not catch my attention much but it looks darker than the rest. The middle one looks like a spider man costume at first glance but upon observing it, it is not that kind of costume but similar to it. The next one to the left also looks like a superhero costume for girls that are fit when worn. It has the colors blue, red, orange and yellow that are attractive to the eye. The last looks like a costume that has stripes of orange. I wouldn’t wear any of those simply because not everyone appreciates art especially when you dress up looking like you are still living in the 1980s. One thing I observed is that all of them are floating. Maybe it is trying to say it really is costumes of superheroes. They are not the fantastic four but maybe they represent Earth, wind, fire, water and heart from captain planet in the cartoons. The first from the left being the wind, the next is water, the middle is fire, to the right is earth and lastly its heart because of that red dots.

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