What did art mean to me before taking up Aesthetics class? What does art mean to me now?

Before, I never really observed anything in my whole life. I did not like paintings. I did not like to draw. I also did not like to take pictures of myself nor others. I do not like museums and I never really entered a museum before. I always thought that artists are lame and boring simply because they paint, draw or they form certain figures or sculptures that tends to become so valuable that makes me question why people buy or purchase this certain types of things. Art is never really the type that I wanted to look at because it is just a creation of a normal person did. All I know is that they say that art is everything and everywhere that we see but I do not really care about what art really is.

On the first day of classes, I did not know aesthetics was an art class until our teacher told us it was. We were asked to go to museums and observe paintings, drawings and sculptures that are made by different kinds of artists that are paid a huge amount of money for it. That is the first time I entered an art museum and it was also the first time I observed and tried to understand what art really is. I saw different kinds of creation with different sizes and shapes. I didn’t understand everything but at least I started to appreciate art. From the first day of art class, I thought art was everything that I see and everywhere that I look at. From the homeless shelters they just built because they need it up to the all things in the world that people see and takes photos of. After one month of having art class, now I know why people spend so much with these valuable objects. I see artists now as professionals and not just normal people that do that because they do not have anything else to do. They said art everything and everywhere but now I know what art really is. Art will only be real art if it can connect to each and every person on what it is trying to show. Art is a profession that takes long years of practice to become a real artist.

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