Do people need a ‘Fitness Coach’?

What is the value in getting a coach? Tiger Woods had a swing coach. Mike Tyson had a punching coach. Usain Bolt has a sprint coach. So should we all have a fitness coach?

It’s no secret — Australia is fat.

But who is failing?

The Government? Yes.

The National Dietetic Association? Yes.

Our education system? Yes.

Intense media pressure? Yes.

Every single individual that isn’t taking personal responsibility for their own health? YES!

Everyone has unprecedented access to information — but this information overload is the exact thing crippling the majority of people. Have you ever read, “Stop drinking alcohol and you’ll lower your chance of heart attack” only to scroll down your news feed and see, “Have one red wine per day to lower your chances of heart attack”. This happens each and every day, on multitudes of subjects.

When someone goes to the gym, week after week, month after month — and they still feel, and look like shit — they’re losing. And that matters.

There is strange nativity in the fitness world where everyone is an expert. Every second person is a guru. A lot of people think because they follow a few blogs, they read an article or two, they quote a particular personality (usually out of context) they know what they’re saying. The reality is starkly different. Unless someone can physically show you their results — whether that be themselves, or be it a line-up of transformations they’ve personally coached- there is a high chance they don’t know what they’re talking about.

So should you have a fitness coach?


They will cut through the information overload. Provide custom training. Develop a individual nutrition plan. Be a soundboard for questions. Focus your training on exactly what you need. Keep your attention and keep you interested.

And best of all — GET YOU RESULTS.

After all, isn’t that what we all want?

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