Knowledge First Financial looks ahead — what will post-secondary education cost in Canada in 2034?

Gone are the days when a student could save enough money working during the summer to pay for school. That’s why Knowledge First Financial pays close attention to what the costs will be in the future — to help parents set an education savings goal and be prepared for that first day of university, college or trade school.

According to Knowledge First Financial, a child going to first year of university in 2034 could pay as much as $27,000, or more than $110,000 for a four-year program. The actual university cost in 2015/2016 was approximately $19,500 for students in residence, and $10,000 for students who lived at home. While the types of programs and schools give students many options for continuing after high school, the undeniable bottom line is — education is expensive and requires planning.

If the cost of education isn’t enough, here are three other reasons why post-secondary schooling is worth saving for:

• It’s a requirement in a competitive job market. More than half of Canadian adults aged 26 to 65 have completed post-secondary education. This is one of the highest rates amongst developed countries. 
• Economic growth and replacement needs are expected to create 5.95 million job openings between 2015 and 2024. Two-thirds of these positions require college, university or vocational education. 
• Approximately half of students graduating in 2015 reported having education-related debt, owing on average $26,800. 60% of those with debt rely on parents, family or spouse for financial support.

According to the latest report from the Canada Education Savings Program, approximately 50% of eligible parents have yet to take advantage of the government grant which could add up to $7,200 for each child. By starting now, you’ll receive the education grants sooner and your savings will have more time to grow. Learn more about why an RESP is a smart way to invest a child’s future by speaking to a Knowledge First Financial sales representative today.

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