Checklists to save your SMM ass in 2017

If you ever struggled with frustration on what should you do first while handling Social Media, if you ever got lost in the Marketing algorytm you created yourself — here is the answer for your prayers in a visual version of checklist.

Bigger, better, faster, stronger Social Media person — is all about you.

We are ain’t playing here and actually are talking on how to be 12 times faster with Social Media Checklist for week, as well as how to control and save your time with Social Media Checklist for month, and simply to give you hand in the digital marketing darkness via Social Media Checklist for year. (Yes, you are not sleeping, that is actually happening)

Dayily Social Media Manager Checklist

If you are not among those the lucky ones to work for ”the man” from high tech office or own comfy sofa, but instead grind it out for your own business, startup, e-commerce business you will find your salvage in all three most efficient social media checklists our here. We would not want to bother already bothered guys like you, so you can find only needed daily, weekly and monthly tasks for Social Media Managers and best practices to manage your time from great social media managers.

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