Where does the black queer man find this?

Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels

Where do you call home?


Do not tell me your actual street or apartment number. Where do you feel safe? Secure in self?

This was the first question I asked myself some weeks ago while sitting in a therapy session. It was something I thought about while doom scrolling on Twitter, realizing that I haven’t really, established, with myself, what home is or what it feels like. (Pro-Tip, this is a conversation you want to have with your therapist.).

After that session, I discovered that what I call “home” surpasses just…

A Look Into The Mother-Daughter Dynamic In The Jamaican Home

Photo by Monkey Business

The black Jamaican family structure sees an emphasis on the importance of a biological matriarch, be it a mother, grandmother, and in some cases, even a great grandmother, who runs the household. To a great extent, we can say this is caused by patriarchy, and from that, we can look at the influences of colonialism and slavery in furthering these ideals. Traditionally, in the Caribbean, and Jamaica, in particular, it is said that the woman runs the house while the man finances it, (terribly misogynistic but, we move). …

Darynel Weekly

QUEERibbean Culture Writer And Digital Creator | Professional Jamaican | Un Papillon

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