DasCoin Launchs on IDAX

DasCoin has launched on its fifth public cryptocurrency exchange, increasing the access to the cryptocurrency DASC. This fifth deal with a crypto platform improves the trading potential of DasCoin. By the end of August 2018, DasCoin became officially listed on IDAX.


IDAX is an exchange based in Mongolia from the International Global Blockchain Research Centre. Since its launch, it has become one of the most successful public cryptocurrency exchanges. The exchange has a high trading volume along with 40 tokens and coins for traders to convert between. IDAX also supports multiple languages, making it a good choice for DasCoin, as this will increase the currency’s accessibility to native speakers of more languages.

Other Previous Listings

The listing of DasCoin on IDAX will supplement the already existing listings for DasCoin. The DasCoin project recently announced that Coinbene added DASC to its exchange. Earlier in 2018, DASC was added to Coinfalcon, BTC-Alpha, and EUBX. With the addition of IDAX, DasCoin will now be on five different exchanges, expanding its accessibility.

The Importance of Listings

With listings on five different cryptocurrency exchanges, DasCoin will not only be more accessible but also become more familiar to crypto investors. Those who only use one or two exchanges are now more likely to come across the currency. Additionally, those who discover DasCoin and want to buy the coin will be less likely to need to sign up on another exchange just to buy it as the reach of DasCoin expands. The increase in accessibility is very timely, as the platform is set to launch multiple projects in the near future — such as DAS33 and DasMarketplace — that will likely spike interest.

Other DasCoin Achievements

This is just one of the many recent achievements that DasCoin has enjoyed. For example, Blockfolio has also listed DasCoin. As this cryptocurrency specialist app is the top free option for crypto portfolio management, that listing should ensure that more people are aware of DasCoin and are able to easily access information about it. Blockfolio makes it easy for users to track coins, which should expand the popularity of DasCoin by letting interested individuals effortlessly keep tabs on its progress.

The DasCoin blockchain speed was also dramatically improved when the block time dropped from an already-impressive 6 seconds down to just 3 seconds. DasCoin can process as many as 100,000 transactions each second and relies on a distributed ledger built with BitShares and Graphene technology.