Greenstorc Raised €1.5 Million with the Help of Das33

Greenstorc is the beta project for the Das33 crowdsourcing system, and it has shown that Das33 has the potential to help projects meet their fundraising goals. Das33 and Greenstorc completed their presale and announced the results on 13th September 2018, indicating that they reached a fundraising goal of €1.5 million. To make this feat even more impressive, the DasCoin community only took 60 hours to reach this level of contributions.

How Crowdsourcing with Das33 Works

Instead of relying on traditional types of ICOs for crowdsourcing, Das33 facilitates funding with DASC (DasCoin tokens) by providing participants with premium tokens for their contributions. In the case of Greenstorc, the premium tokens are STORCs. Premium tokens do not function like a typical security or utility token. Instead, they have a potential future value that will be achieved when Greenstorc reaches a set of clearly predefined goals. This relationship functions with ‘if-then’ logic in a smart contract. In the case of Greenstorc, those goals are the number of megawatts created, along with the number of megawatts installed that those sources produce.

Rewards for STORC Holders

The Greenstorc crowd sale perfectly demonstrates how Das33’s concept of premium tokens functions, including its clearly defined rewards and requirements for receiving those rewards. For every source that Greenstorc builds for clean energy, token holders receive DasCoin in the equivalent of €0.01 (one euro cent). This reward is applied each quarter that the source in question remains operational. Since Greenstorc uses geothermal energy, its operation is not dependent on wind or sunshine, as in the case of wind or solar energy, allowing for greater rewards. To supplement this, there is also a one-time premium reward of €0.01, also in DasCoin, for each new megawatt in production capacity that Greenstorc installs.

Getting to Know Greenstorc

As mentioned, Greenstorc utilises geothermal renewable energy instead of the traditional renewable resources of solar or wind power. This is a key differentiator since wind power requires wind and solar power requires sunlight, meaning that even if you have the best possible equipment, it will not produce any energy if the weather conditions are not ideal.

By contrast, geothermal energy is always in the ground in the form of heat. The team at Greenstorc sees a transition from traditional renewable energy methods to geothermal energy in the future. This type of renewable energy can be used worldwide, reducing emissions in areas currently dependent on non-renewable energy and bringing electricity to areas of the world without it.