Instagram launches suggested stories in the explore tab

Instagram Stories are now discoverable and have organic reach with users in the explore tab of Instagram

After my recent post about Snapchat vs. Instagram Stories alot of people I talked with were still on the fence about using one or the other even after the data showed more reach for instagram stories. But the biggest issue people and clients had with stories on both platforms was the ability for new followers to discover them. This would give influencers and brands an incentive to actually create stories on a regular basis vs. trying to pay enough to be on Snapchat’s Discover page.

Well ‘Suggested Stories’ has launched and Instagram is giving users the ability to have prime real estate in the explore feed similar to Snapchat’s Discover page for FREE!

Users who post stories are now rewarded with being organically discoverable. Below is a screen shot I took of the new feature and how it looks in the explore tab.

In a recent post I read on we learned that instagram is actually using facebook topical data to determine what stories you will see first. So it would make sense that the next logical step would be making stories discoverable organically based on that same interest & topical data.

This is pretty huge and I cant wait to hear what you guys have to say about this recent update in the Snapchat vs. Instagram Stories debate.