DASERON is the only way to survive in the era of a total control and the dawn of hacker attacks

DASERON is the only way to survive in the era of a total control and the dawn of hacker attacks
During 2016, the spread of the Internet worldwide grew by 10% and reached 3.8 billion users, that is, the half of the population which actively using the Network.
The all life spheres transition in the Internet leads to the emergence of a big data and practically unlimited access to them. Against this background, the demand for cyber security is developing. Every year, cybersecurity experts say that cyber attacks have increased. The state will control us more and more, the Internet, privacy and information flow in the network. The anonymity in the Internet would actually be prohibited. The Monitoring system in the network will control any of your actions from correspondence by post, the comments under the articles and videos.
But not as bad as it seems. After all, our team created a product that will revolutionize the field of a cybersecurity. “DASERON” is a global decentralized and secure information system for selling and sharing of the content. The system operates using the blockchain technology. The blockchain is a decentralized registry of an information, and every change remains in the database forever. Information is available to all members of the network, but to read the information on the line is impossible: hash allows you to clearly check, whether the contract was used to create it. 
“DASERON” self-regulating through an Artificial Intelligence and intelligent contracts. Data is stored in the database as a “black box” and is not available to decrypt and extract to anyone other except of an Artificial Intelligence. This allows the system to identify the user, but to keep him incognito for all. User identity is a number of features such as geolocation, phone number, voice, face, also creates a behavioral model based on user preferences. In case of discrepancy between identifiers the account is locked.
The money will be transferred via smart contracts developed on the basis of the Ethereum. This gives several advantages: security, anonymity, fine tuning of terms and conditions of the transfer. Account cannot be locked, so you cannot refuse service to individuals for political reasons. Unlimited transaction. Works everywhere where there is the Internet, ignores any boundaries, laws of local authorities.
The implementation of this project will be undertaken by the ICO. In case of success in the ICO project “DASERON” will be the innovative market for the sale of content available from anywhere and at any time. For more information you can go to the website of our product: www.daseron.com