Hacker attacks like the plague of the XXI century

Nowadays it is impossible to imagine life without the Internet. “If you’re not on the Internet you don’t exist” — marked the beginning era of Internet technology, bill gates and he was right. All areas of our lives move to the Web. Every day we go to social networks, buy online stores, read blogs and news sites. Even the work is passed to the Internet. It is impossible to find any large company not having its Internet site.

Using commercial services: buying tickets, online shopping, ordering pizza, call a taxi — you are sending to the world wide web personal information. Every day we leave a digital trail online. This information creates large data and stored in different companies. We do not think about its safety, relying on the powerful, but even they are sometimes powerless. Our personal information falls into the wrong hands and criminals can make it anything you like.
For our statistics team conducted an analysis of the network and received appalling figures. According to the latest well-known research company Lloyd’s of London, last year the economy of the world’s companies lost about $450 billion due to the constant attacks of hackers. Hackers are constantly stealing our money and data. There are no obstacles in obtaining access to the protected data. These attacks are every day becoming more serious and frequent. There remains nothing to which they would be unable to access. Every day we risk to Wake up with an empty Bank account, steal private information which we carefully stored in your cloud. The personal to become public. The recent “attack” of virus-ransomware WannaCry, and then the virus, dubbed ExPetr, showed the vulnerability of many security systems.

And all this is only the beginning because with the development of neural networks in the hands of hackers are all more serious tools for hacking our data. Technology evolve until they reach a certain limit, and then there is a revolution, a paradigm shift. Today we stand on the threshold of a revolution in cyber security. Many approaches that seemed universal and immutable, will lose its relevance, and in their place arise new concepts. What today is seen as a fashionable topic in the narrow professional field, tomorrow becomes ordinary, commonplace, not only in cyber security but also in the life of every person.
And one such solution is a product developed by our team. “DASERON” is a global decentralized and secure information system for selling and sharing of content. This project will revolutionize the field of cybersecurity.

For more information you can go to the website of our product: www.daseron.com