Training with a Purpose

Co-Founder DASHA®, Shannon Russo-Pollack

I am in the Lifestyle Business where looking good and feeling healthy is #1

Why is it that so many people neglect the practice of living a healthy lifestyle? Is it because they don’t want to make change, or more because they think they don’t have the time and resources to do so?

It might even take years or possibly a toll on your health before they really entertain the idea of changing their lifestyle. Sometimes people use a defense mechanism called help rejecting complaining. Sometimes it is just too easy to revel in griping. But wallowing is so self-destructive. Once you get in a comfort zone of complaining you might not move out of that comfort zone to change so easily.

I’m certain that we all know someone who makes excuses after excuses of what day they will start the gym or their diet.

Please STOP your boring me, that’s old news and way to common.

I am the powerhouse behind the DASHA® brand and it takes a ton of energy! Take my advice “Living a healthy lifestyle, is the best preventative medicine out there.” Creating a lifestyle company has given me many gifts such as using incredible resources that are forefront of fitness and leveraging the environment that surrounds me.

The question is how do you start? When someone calls you out on your s_ _ _, that’s when you’ll either become defensive or get movin’! For me I made the choice to immediately fix my s_ _ _ and (get movin’)!

For years I’ve trained, but now “I Train with a Purpose.” So what is my purpose? Well exercising does wonders for the mind, body, and soul. At the top of my list it keeps me FIT, Tunes me into my body, Allows me to connect with new and old friends, Trust my gut (which by the way isn’t leaky)lol, and most of all feel stress free!

Adopting fitness for me became more of a healthy habit rather than a compulsion and it works!

Tips on how to get started:

  1. Set some goals for yourself that are realistic and start working towards them. Your goals will give you the direction.
  2. Be aware of your health, looks and presentation. Remember “Slow and steady wins the race” and the same holds true for your fitness regime.
  3. Healthy habits develop over a 21 day period. So turn that fitness routine into habit. Maybe it’s 30 minutes of cardio that you initially start with, but 3 days later you pump it up to 40 minutes. This is how you start to develop awareness of what feels good.
  4. Eating healthy will go a long way in maintaining your fitness for lifetime. Diet is a HUGE ingredient when you indulge into fitness. It’s fairly simple if you can develop healthy eating habits just by eating meals at proper times of the day. This may sound annoying but I can assure you that it will become routine. Keep a watch on your intake of carbs, and fats. You body will automatically learn to stay away from them.
  5. Water is key! Have you ever seen a race or marathon in the park? Take notice of all the water stations. It’s all about fueling up and staying hydrated!
  6. Drinking water intake should be regulated well to keep the body functions in place. Plus, drinking water in the morning is beneficial for your hygiene plus it will help to flush out your body toxins while making your skin glow and body function healthy.

Remember, YOU GOT THIS! Just get to the starting line and unpack your personal best! Let’s Connect soon.