What the heck is going on here

You wake up one morning to find out that another hurricane or tornado had struck again!

But this time it happened in a place that so many of us love and feel connected too. For so many reasons Puerto Rico is very special to me and my family.

Whether you have family roots, hit the casinos with your tribe, conceived your first born there or visited on family holidays, Puerto Rico needs our HELP. We have been hearing stories about of clients who still cannot find their family members after this hurricane. It’s just an unsettling feeling to sit here and know that many of us are fighting over nonsense.

Puerto Rico in a state of crisis!

Hurricane Maria, tore apart this beautiful island, filled with homes and most of all families. Massive flooding and destruction have put people throughout the island at risk of infections and danger.

An island home to 3.4 million, is without power and rebuilding will be a tremendous undertaking.

UNICEF USA is stepping in to get immediate, critical support to the children of Puerto Rico affected by Hurricane Maria.

UNICEF is a global leader in emergency response, helping children in humanitarian emergencies across hundreds of countries. They provide aid both before, during and after a crisis.

Today we are asking our TRIBE to join us while we raise money for Puerto Rico.

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