When you study in a group, you receive the opinions of different people. It differs from when you study alone because these different understandings of the text promote more mature and thorough learning of it. Dr. Dasharath Bhosale thinks that it is important for students to receive opinions that are different from theirs because it helps broaden their minds and helps them take better decisions in the future.

It might be possible that while learning something, you don’t understand something completely. For international schools in Pune, learning in a group helps you fill in these gaps of your learning with the knowledge you gain from the other members in your group. This holds for learning techniques as well- Dr. DK Bhosale says that students may be able to upgrade their learning techniques when they see their peers do something different and more beneficial.

Dasharath Bhosale, Chairman & Founder SNBP Pune

Dasharath Bhosale, Chairman & Founder of SNBP International School in Pune. He is an educationalist, quick-witted, astute and ingenious by nature.

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