Custom HR Software is designed to help businesses reduce workload and optimize recruitment tasks.

Since it’s powered by AI and ML technologies, such software is capable of taking care of a bunch of HR-related processes, like resume screening or automation of the assessment process. Not only does it deliver a new intelligent approach towards work with the candidates but also helps save a lot of time and match the candidate and the position in a more accurate manner.

Custom Applicant Tracking System

A Custom Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a specialized software that helps HR specialists track the applicants in a more accurate manner…

A Minimum Viable Product aka the MVP is something that saves product owners lots of time and money.

It is basically a fully functioning product prototype with a set of all critical features. While it may lack in UX or some additional features, MVP helps test the project on the market, collect feedback and immediately apply any changes, if needed.

The concept of DevOps is gradually becoming more popular in the software development industry. With more teams looking to implement an agile methodology of product development, DevOps is helping make it possible. Teams can now push code regularly, automate the deployment pipeline, and have Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery as part of the release process.

Ah, the 21st century — the era of the Internet and technology. But still, despite the technological advancement and hundreds of new and exciting possibilities, most people strive for love — the eternal wish and desire of all generations.

Dating apps have been an incredibly valuable asset in helping thousands of people all over the world find their perfect partner. And thanks to new technologies, the process of finding love online is becoming more accurate and refined.

So how exactly can Artificial Intelligence help you find the one and how will it transform the future of dating? …

Before Facebook created React Native, mobile applications were mostly developed either through the native platform’s development environment or through cross-platform solutions like Ionic and Apache Cordova, Xamarin, etc.

Most of these solutions were good but were often lacking in certain areas. For example, native development environments can only be used to develop for one mobile operating system, which means a company would require two sets of developers.

React Native’s appearance in 2015 solved a lot of these lapses, making it one of the most favored cross-platform frameworks by companies and developers. …

In JavaScript development, security errors occur all the time but some are more serious and common than others. Whenever there’s a major hack, the media covers in detail which actors were behind it, why they did it, and what exactly was done. What’s less discussed, though, is how they did it, but that’s the most important part of the puzzle. Application vulnerabilities are usually how it happens, because of little programming errors that aren’t immediately obvious but allow cybercriminals to circumvent security controls or install malware on a system. …

In 2013, Facebook open-sourced the popular JavaScript library, making it available for developers all over the world. Since then, it has been widely adopted by the development community with companies and organizations like Netflix, Khan Academy and Dropbox using it as part of their development stack.

If you’re just beginning your development journey as a web developer and you’ve chosen to use React, or you are considering it, you probably have questions you need answers to. We have gathered some of the frequently asked questions about React and will answer them here. …

Artificial Intelligence is aimed at simplifying and automating an array of business processes. Recently, AI made its entrance in the field of recruiting and instantly got close attention.

The thing is the use of AI for recruiting resulted in significant benefits for both the companies and the candidates. But, as with any other technology, there are certain hidden rocks to keep in mind when implementing AI in your processes.

So what exactly does it do and what kind of benefits it may bring? Let’s have a look.

How does AI help recruiters?

As we said, the Artificial Intelligence technology is capable of automating and simplifying…

There are currently about 2.5 billion smartphone users globally, and that number only goes up. People use their smartphones for a lot of things ranging from setting reminders to conducting business transactions. A lot of companies now realize the importance of having a mobile application as part of the software suites for their customers and are looking to hire mobile developers.

For companies with bigger budgets, it might be easy for them to hire development teams for both the iOS and Android platform. But not all companies can afford to do that. Asides that, managing multiple codebases is cumbersome. …

Ever since its inception in 2015 by Facebook, the React Native framework has seen a gradual increase in its adoption by the mobile development community. React Native is a cross-platform mobile development framework that enables you to build apps with rich mobile UI using declarative components on both Android and iOS.

React Native is based on the popular Javascript library — React, also built by Facebook. This means you can make use of Javascript and React’s XML-like language — JSX to develop mobile apps. Getting started with React Native is quite easy as there are a lot of tutorials and…


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