I am very impressed by the elegance of cote. Congratulations.
Demetrius Nunes

Hello Demetrius! Thanks a lot for the kind words :)

It’s actually a very good idea! I’m working on a Docker-specific deployment for this article as part 2, and ECS could also be a part of it!

cote can be used for one-off responses. However, I believe as an industry we did this before with PHP and other tools where we instantiated a whole application for every request, and it failed due to start-up times (and more) you mentioned. Therefore I am a big fan of minimal local state. You don’t have to keep local state for data as shown in this article, but keeping the DB connection and connections to other cote components open are key in service performance.

Having said that, I don’t think cote would work within AWS Lambda as it relies on IP broadcast, but you could invoke your Lambda functions from within cote. So cote would be able to make use of AWS Lambda by calling it, but not the other way around.

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