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Why The Change ?

So i’m interviewing former Western Michigan Tight end Anthony Torres.

Anthony is from Mishawaka Indiana who has battled with injury after injury since high school. He is a former Penn high school early graduate with a 4.0. He also maintained a 4.0 throughout his college years and intends to graduate next spring. I wanted to interview Anthony because he has a lot going on right now with decisions he is going to have to make for his future. He is leaving Western Michigan to go attend The University of Toledo to finish his academic and athletic career. My first question to him was , What made you wanna leave Western after all these years? He answered “ It was a very difficult decision that I had to make but I feel it was best for me athletically to try a new school.

The Former starting Tight end for the broncos this past 2021 fall season announced his commitment to Toledo on December 15. It was a big loss for Western Michigan. He is a guy you want on your team that shows up and does the right thing everyday. I then wanted to know his story on why he chose Western Michigan. “ So coming out of high school I was committed to the university of Iowa. Then after an unexpected back injury that required surgery they turned there back on me it felt like”. I asked why did it feel as if they turned there back on you ? He answered “ One of the coaches came over to my house for an in home visit and basically told me them and there that they weren’t as excited for me since the issues I had going on with my back. And that was the end of my commitment there.”

A few days after his decommitment for the BIG 10 Iowa Hawkeyes smaller schools started closing in on the 6’6 250 pound Tight end. I asked him how was his mindset was after all this just took places within days of each other. “I never really questioned God and his plan . I’m big on faith and trusting the process. There was some dark days but family and friends helped me get through those days. This is back in 2018 when the Mishawaka Tight end was getting recruited out of high school. After enrolling into Western Michigan Anthony starts a new journey. That journey wouldn’t start out positive either. After already missing his senior high football season Anthony was excited to hit the field for the first time in 2 years. After what seemed like a promising end of Spring ball football. On the last practice Anthony Went to cut breaking on a route and his knee just gave . What was going on in that moment you were on ground ? “ I just knew something very bad happened. My knee went weak . I tried walking it off then just collapsed and that’s when I knew something bad really had happened. I just said a quick prayer “. Learning later that day that he tore his ACL. Which would keep him out 6–8 months and down goes another season for the tight end. “ College has been so crazy and not how I had imagined it was going to go. Definitely after Covid Year happened everything had changed. With that football year not counting as a year of eligibility”.

After battling and battling injury Torres kept his head high and just worked and worked. He caught 12 passes for 150 and played in every game the 2021 season. After a disappointing finish in Mac play the senior announced he was leaving the bronco program. “ I’m going to miss everyone in kalamazoo that i formed relationships with but it was time for a new start I Felt it and made the decision. The Senior will be finishing his academics at Toledo and will graduate from the university in spring 2022 with 3 years of eligibility left. I asked him his ultimate goal in all of this . “ My ultimate Goal is making it to the NFL it has been my dream since i was young. I know I been through a lot of ups and downs but i’ll always Bet on myself every time”. Anthony is good example of overcoming adversity and still reaching for your dreams no matter what while maintaining a positive mindset through everything. And to never give up that adversity will hit but how will you respond to it.

​We then get into his academic side and how he has thrived off the field as well. Coming out of high school Torres was An A+ student. Literally. “Yeah coming out of high school I graduated early and maintained a 4.1 gpa”. And that same academic success stayed with him till this day. “ It’s kind of crazy that I maintained a 4.0 through high school and college it’s a testament to my parents for staying on me about academics since I was young. My mom was huge on academics as she is a CEO in her accounting business now.” Back story about Torres mom she is a graduate and former athlete at the prestigious university of Norte Dame.

​I asked him his plans on if the NFL doesn’t work out. He responded “God willing they don’t work out I plan on starting in my moms accounting firm and going from there. My major is business analytics and a minor in accounting.” He also looked up to his older brother Austin who paved the way for him as he was also a student athlete at the university of Norte Dame. Athletes Just run in the Torres Family.

​Lastly we talk about a trendy topic in college football. The “Transfer Portal.’’ For those who don’t know what the transfer portal is. The transfer portal is a place your name goes when you want to leave them school your at. It’s trendy because now everyone who intends to leave the school there at can go to another school without missing a year of college eligibility. Torres entered the transfer portal early in December. “It was the most stressful time being in the portal.Not sure if any schools want you just waiting for an opportunity.’’ There are thousands of kids in the transfer portal. Some leaving opportunities that they may never have again. “It made me consider even walking on at school if I didn’t get a scholarship. Which would have been very tough leaving Western Michigan where I was on full scholarship.” Well Torres will finish his athletic scholarship 3 years of eligibility on full scholarship at the university of Toledo. “It’s just a blessing to get a new opportunity and chance to chase my dreams.” So why change ? Cause the reward could be in the risk.




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