Marketplace SEO : A prolonged “catch 22” headache

Quiz time. Tell me, what’s the biggest joke of digital marketing?

It’s the SEO. Everyone is doing SEO, oops pursuing but only fistful are getting the desired fruit, the first page ranking. Once achieved, how long they are able to sustain it? That’s the joke for another day.

Now enough of sarcasm. Let’s concentrate on the biggest obstacle of Search Engine Optimization practice.

It’s doing SEO for a marketplace.

Yes, you read that right. SEO itself is a top secret domain. There are less number of authentic SEO information with workable data. The vacuum is flooded with more of speculations. Please add the hush-hush confidentiality from Google and their out of the blue moon algorithm update.

Long story short, maximum people are throwing stones in dark and experts are busy to cross the sword.

Have a look at this-

The above post from MoZ made another noted SEO guru Brian Dean update his post-

Ugh!!! So much confusion.

So, where will you go? Whom you will believe? And to stay with the topic, how can you optimize a marketplace for search engines?

Here, at Medium, I will not suffocate you with “Why SEO matters” and “Top 55 #SEOHacks”. Promise. Rather, I will try to understand the genuine challenge of optimizing a marketplace.

Are you with me? Awesome. Keep reading-

Marketplace is massive:

We love marketplace as we get diverse and ample products/services at there. This is the first reason of marketplace SEO pain. Compare any marketplace website to an individual website, there will be more number of categories, sub categories, products and their dedicated pages in a multi-vendor website.

Have you got the clue? It looks impossible to optimize all the pages. But, do you have other option when you consider SEO as an important strategy to draw more audience to your business? I guess NO.

If you think you will just optimize your home page and few category pages and then leave the muddy marketplace ring with flying colors. Think twice.

Search queries from your target audience will be varied. Keywords used by the users are both broad and specific. If you take one miscalculated step, your uploaded products get less no of audience notice.

You need Vendors to amplify SEO process:

Marketplace SEO is a catch 22 plight where the marketplace admin needs immense contribution from vendors to optimize the store. Why?

Because, the search engine giant Google seeks relevant content and your marketplace content will be based around vendors’ products. Bulk of the products will be uploaded by the vendors.

What if the vendors have zero knowledge on the SEO optimization and their product description is written without any potential keywords.

Can you foresee the grim reality of your non-optimized marketplace when the SEO game begins? To save yourself from the epic fall, you have two options-

· Educate your vendors to optimize products

· You take the responsibility and employ a large team to optimize vendors’ products

That’s why we say it’s catch 22. Out of the two options, which seems most plausible? I am eager to hear from you.

Many marketplace solutions are trying to help the vendors by providing the field to add meta description .

As we notice the growing need of the SEO, we have included the feature in our plugin WC Marketplace which allows the vendors optimize their products. Check out this plugin here .

Will it be a sufficient step where vendors have to come forward to share the SEO responsibility with admin. Let’s start the debate now.

And is there any more challenges that marketplace SEO face? Share your thoughts right at the comment box below.

Talking about the challenges, back at my den, me and my SEO experts have come up with two step strategy to optimize a marketplace. Interested? Read them here & here.