More “Universe” like our own that came from the same Big Bang, but isn’t observable.
The Multiverse for non-scientists
Ethan Siegel

Nice try, but this is not the Multiverse. 2. and 3. are.

I love “Starts With A Bang” so much but articles like these make me almost despair.

Because the first thing non-scientists like us need to know about the Multiverse is that this theory — while conceived in all its complexity by scientists — is not a scientific theory in the first place.

If a theory makes predictions that by definition cannot ever be observed by any means, it is not a scientific theory. It is not science, it’s philosophy. Or even art. Certainly intellectually challenging. Certainly using scientific tools to be developed. But it’s not science.

Which of course is totally ok.

You just owe us non-scientists that disclaimer.

We would still want to know everything about it, we’d still read you. Promise.

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