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This Is Why It’s So Hard To Not Become A Cynic

But I Still Hope I Won’t Lose The Battle

You know, I like people. Kind of by default. I’m eternally optimistic. It’s not that I don’t see — or don’t want to see — the evil in the world. I do. In fact that’s what I often focus on first. Because what I really want to know is: what makes good people do evil things? More often than not I can’t figure it out. But when I do it affirms me so much that I can go on without losing my optimism.

But then there are the cases where it’s not good people doing evil but evil people just doing their thing. And this I think is one of them.

I haven’t been following the account directly but I’ve been kept in the loop by you all. I don’t remember when I first became suspicious, probably pretty much at the same time as Alexainie. But that’s not even the point. The question is

Now that we’ve found one of these really Evil People, what do we do?

Because you see, all that would never have happened to cynics. That kind of thing only happens to people who first see the good in the other. And it’s heartbreaking, every time. It makes me question whether being more cynical might not actually be the better way to go about life. And I have to admit I often can’t help but to give in to that impulse.

Until I realize that by doing that I just made this Evil Person win a second time. So it’s an eternal battle. But not one I’m prepared to lose just yet.

Also, as our failsafe, there’s always Violet’s Wrath. Bless you.

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