Logic has no place in this argument! (I wish that I were joking.)
Charlotte Franklin

You’re right Charlotte, logic — being a philosophical concept — has no place in this conversation. But emotion has.

Fear, anger, despair, shame, schadenfreude; but also love, passion, compassion, and yes, quite a lot of fun even — that’s what drove these elections because it’s what drives people.

So of course it doesn’t make sense to now begin arguing logically. It didn’t work for Hillary and after this it’ll work even less. People are much too agitated and also exhausted.

One thing I’m absolutely convinced of is that Americans are proud of their country. They might not be proud of what it’s become or how it is governed or by whom, but even that shows they do love America. They might not know the constitution and as we have seen that’s not even necessary for a presidential candidate. But no American will stand for a challenge of any part of the Founding Documents. And especially not the second sentence of the Declaration of Independence.

This is pure emotion.

It’s also the place from where a reasonable conversation can start at this point. The simple, emotional consensus that all decent Americans want the same, never mind how they voted. It may make you think twice about your love for Bernie or your hate of Wall Street but it also may make your brother think twice about his vote for Trump. No logic, no facts required. No need to argue.

Just adhere to this one old fashioned emotional sentence. Defeating those who don’t want that consensus should then become possible.

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