Rhetoric in Speeches

Melania Trump decided to steal Michelle Obama’s speech, not just take a part of her speech, but repeat her multiple parts of her speech word for word. It had to be the funniest thing at the time because people were watching it like this sounds so familiar, while people in the audience are sucking it all up. Mrs. Trump stealing the speech, and saying it word for word, in itself is rhetoric because it is lacking genuine feelings, unlike when Mrs. Obama said it. Even if she completely agreed with everything Michelle Obama was saying, she should have had the decency to rephrase what she was saying. It is understandable though, Michelle Obama’s speech was so great and relatable, who wouldn’t use it for reference. But if Melania Trump was going to out right steal a speech she probably should've stolen a less popular one. If no one knows it, no one knows that it was stolen, right? Maybe I’m the only one thinking like that. Anyway, Melania even repeated the part of the speech that says to treat people with respect, which is funny because her husband does the complete opposite. What is also funny about her speech is when she says, “Donald intends to represent all the people, not just some of the people. That includes Christians and Jews and Muslims. It includes Hispanics and African Americans …” that makes me wonder, does she know her husband? Like does she know him at all? Yes, the speech is great telling the world EXACTLY what they want to hear, but who cares if it’s not true. It amazes me time and time again how politicians just go on stage and say what is best, but don’t actually act on it. How can she say her husband is for the people and people of different religions when right now he’s banning people coming from Muslim countries. It's just mind boggling. The speech is political rhetoric because Melania Trump means nothing by what she’s saying. She puts the whole speech in understandable words and just feeds the audience what she knows is right, but knows it won’t be followed through. My opinion? She did an amazing job! Her husband actually won, HE WON, for presidency. My advice to anyone running for president in the future: make sure your use of rhetoric is superb, it’ll get you far in life. Who would’ve thought our president would be Donald Trump? We all thought it was a big joke until it became reality. Melania says in her speech, “… you work hard for what you want in life. That your word is your bond. And you do what you say and keep your promise.” and that’s absolutely true. Donald Trump has proven to the world that anything is possible once you have put your mind towards it and you lie to people. She says to do what you say and keep your promise, but that was all a facade for the public to vote for him. The thing about political rhetoric is that it works in favor of the politician, but not of the public. When these promises being made don’t come through the public is left to struggle. But who to blame? The ignorance of the public or the politician? I say the public.

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