How to start a career in UX Design

Below are my tips to every person that reaches out and asks me for advice on how to become a UX Designer.

Jill DaSilva
2 min readMar 22, 2016

Dear [insert your name here],

In the field of UX, wisdom of experience is key. The best way to gain experience is by doing. The best way to get hired is to build a portfolio of work.

Step 1: Take a workshop, bootcamp, or evening classes on UX.

Step 2: Do some passion projects that entail the UX process. Be sure to document your steps and write a clear and concise case study.

Step 3: Put yourself out there! Go to hack-a-thons; participate as a UX designer.

Step 4: Look at the companies that you want to work for. Check out their designers’ portfolios. See what your portfolio needs to look like to get hired. Don’t be afraid to reach out on LinkedIn and ask the hiring managers at companies you want to work for to look at your portfolio and tell you what is missing so you can be on their radar.

Here’s a short list of things I send to people that ask me “How do I get started in UX”:

Read These:

Useful UX Checklist: (read everything and click into the links)

Some people to follow in the industry:

Read: UX Strategy by Jaime Levy

Find UX Meet-ups in your area and attend events.

UX is a skill-based and experience-based career; you do not need a college degree to succeed in this field.

Hard skills will get you an interview (i.e. your portfolio); soft skills will get you hired (i.e. are you passionate about the work you do?).

My Best to you!





Jill DaSilva

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