If you’re looking to better understand wireframes, how they fit in the design process, and how to create them, this is the guide for you. Here are step-by-step instructions to help you get started. I use this method for every new project I start and, when done this way, it helps me create design concepts quickly — absolutely key so you can test and validate your solution sooner than later.

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Step one: Sketching your wireframe

Estimated time: 1–2 hours. I recommend doing this exercise with key stakeholders.

Let’s start with the premise that you’ve been tasked with creating a mobile app. The first thing you…

Below are my tips to every person that reaches out and asks me for advice on how to become a UX Designer.

Dear [insert your name here],

In the field of UX, wisdom of experience is key. The best way to gain experience is by doing. The best way to get hired is to build a portfolio of work.

Step 1: Take a workshop, bootcamp, or evening classes on UX.

Step 2: Do some passion projects that entail the UX process. Be sure to document your steps and write a clear and concise case study. (I’ll paste some portfolio examples below.)

Step 3: Put yourself out there! Go to hack-a-thons; participate as a UX designer.

Step 4: Look at the companies that…

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As the brick and mortar stores and banks in the US transition their POS terminals to accommodate credit cards with chips, I’ve witnessed a lot of confusion and frustration from patrons and staff alike; myself included!

I shop at Trader Joe’s when I can. Great food and great prices. No brainer. It’s always a little crowded and the lines can be long; but you know this if you frequent my Trader Joe’s.

A couple months ago, Trader Joe’s updated their POS terminals to receive credit cards with chips. At the first implementation there were some big challenges. …

Follow up article to my recent post “Hiring a Junior vs. Senior User Experience Designer”. I encourage recruiters and hiring managers that are new to understanding what UX is, to read this post ;)

Due to the overwhelming positive response I received from readers regarding my last post, I have decided to write a follow-up post and give more insight as to “how” I recommend to go about interviewing a Junior (and even Senior) UX Designer.

One of the readers (Mark Lubow, Co-Founder, FootStream) that reached out to me asked this:

Hi Jill — I enjoyed your posting about hiring jr/sr designers, especially considering my company is at the tail end of working with ATL GA students in the immersive UX class.

Per the article, if you were a hiring mgr without any real…

This post is for hiring managers and recruiters and new UX Designers that are entering the working world.

As I prepare for the end of my two-year-plus run of teaching the founding LA UXDI course at General Assembly (GA), I feel it’s time for me to finally post my opinion regarding the differences between a Junior and a Senior UX Designer. Please note, my opinion is biased. My opinion is based on working with adult professionals that have taken a 10-week immersive program to transition into the role of a Junior UX Designer upon graduation.

Hiring a Senior UX designer…

Jill DaSilva

CEO at Digital Karma: digitalkarma.io; Global Educator, Speaker, Mentor, Product Advisor, and Founder

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