How You’re Dressing is Part of Your Brand

You should start thinking more carefully about how you are dressing.

I’m not suggesting so much that you should start dressing professionally (in fact, in a lot of professions this would be frowned upon), but you should definitely start dressing a bit more unique.

Start dressing to be remembered, to showcase your personality, to stand out. How you dress each and every day can be one of the easiest, most influential ways that people remember who you are. Personal branding impacts your business, your ventures, your income sources, and your first impressions, and too many entrepreneurs are overlooking this fact.

Over this past weekend, I had the privilege of meeting an incredible designer at an event. He dressed in jeans, a colorful and creative t-shirt, had a bit of a lackadaisical hairstyle and tattoos all over his arms. In a professional setting, this may be a setback. As a designer though, this was incredible. His personality was flowing, his creative juices were literally reflected in his attire, and the way he talked backed up the look. They were an example of someone who understood then and there that being yourself, standing out but still dressing the part of what you belong to is to your advantage. Could you imagine if he wore a suit, had a clean-cut haircut and showed up at a design agency? They would think he was nuts.

Vice-versa, I am very fortunate to be friends with an incredible attorney in the City of Brotherly Love who, on occasion, I will meet up with over coffee or lunch to chat about business. I have never met an individual who dresses up better. The scariest part is that his dressing down is the equivalent of me dressing up. He has the type of outfits you would often see in a magazine. Again, this is an individual that realizes he needs to dress the part and showcase his personality. To prospective clients, this looks like an individual who knows what he is doing and has confidence in what he is doing, separating himself from the other attorneys who wear the same type of generic suits day in, day out. Again, it’s all about understanding yourself, your personality and your market — while ensuring that you have that competitive advantage over your competition, even when it comes to how you dress.

As we approach 2016, I have made it my goal to embrace this hack when it comes to personal branding more, wearing the same style outfits that can relate to my audience while at the same time represent the quality of work we provide here at Chop Dawg and my own personality. I want to stand out. I want people to remember me. This is one of the easiest ways to do so while at the same time being able to express myself that much more. As the new year approaches, figure out what you can do. Don’t just stop with your outfit either. Evaluate your hairstyle, your facial hair (for the guys), how shiny white your teeth are, and more.

Make yourself stand out from the pack and be proud of the fact that you do.


About Joshua Davidson: I build products and grow companies. Founder of Featured on FOX, MSNBC, CBS, Technically, and Mashable. Email me at!

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