Maintaining Self-Awareness Daily

You can ask any of my team members here at Chop Dawg how I handle our day-to-day operations, both as a company overall and for me personally — they will all give you the same answer. I pay attention to every single detail, and always modify the game plan accordingly .

As an entrepreneur, you need to realize that you cannot get attached to anything. The services you provide. The clients that you help. The team that you have. The branding that you use. The marketing channels that you leverage. Your day-to-day routine. At any moment without notice, things can change. Market can change. Industry can change. Marketing strategy can change. What was working for months now may be irrelevant. What once gave you the highest conversion is now simply wasting your money and time.

The Achilles heel that I see for most great companies, amazing entrepreneurs, and incredible individuals is this — they stop being their own harshest critics, and let success blind them from remaining relevant over the long-term. Don’t make the same mistake. Monitor everything that you do and everything your company does, every single day. Take action the second you notice a drop in something — whether that is revenue, efficiency, productivity, or even your health. Every single aspect matters when you’re in this game for the long-haul.

We’re very data driven as a company, and so am I personally (as we continue to embrace 2016 at full speed ahead). I collect every metric you can imagine. Our revenue, our expenses, our team, our hours, our emails, our messages, our productive time vs. wasted time, amount of meetings, what I am eating, when I am working out, when scheduling is right vs. wrong, how traveling can be an asset vs. a disadvantage, and on and on…

Though you may not need to go all in with data collection like me, being self-aware about your own individual day-to-day routines and the day-to-day routines of your team as a whole, is critical. How much of your time is used on important tasks? How much time do you spend on irrelevant busy work that makes no difference if you do it now or later? How much time is being focused on long-term activities vs. short-term activities? Really, take time while you read this post and truly think about all of this for a a few minutes.

You see, the top companies, the top entrepreneurs — they know how to use their time as wisely as possible, and when they need to make a change at the last second, notice is necessary. Always be critical, always be open, never get attached. You need to embrace the fact that the majority of things are out of your control, and the few things that are in your control, they can always change too. Don’t be afraid of change, but do be afraid of changing for the wrong reasons. If you’re effective, you and your company should be improving — every single day.

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