Want to grow your company? Care about your customers

Almost every day, like clockwork, I hear the same thing.

Sometimes it is on social media. Other times, it is somebody sending us an email.

It’s about how lucky we are at Chop Dawg, about how we are growing so quickly, how we have an incredible following on social media, about how we have such amazing clients under our portfolio.

Then comes the kicker.

We are then asked, how they accomplish the same thing, for their owncompanies?

Here is the easiest answer in the whole world, which should be common sense.

Care about your customers.

It sounds crazy but hey, it might actually work.

What happens when you care about your customers? You pour your heart and soul into them.

When you pour your heart and soul into them, you then, produce real results. Results that make your clients, your customers, happy, grow, generate income and become successful.

When that happens, they then in return, continue to work with you, hire you, pay for your products, all because of the success and value you have given them.

When that happens, they will tell other like-minded companies, clients, friends, and customers about you. People love to share a good thing.

When that happens, the word about you grows. More people expressed interest in hiring you, paying for what it is that you have to offer.

It becomes an incredible cycle of more and more people wanting to be a part of what you’re bringing to the table.

Therefore, your company grows.

No tricks.

No marketing plots.

No significant risks and investments.

Just focusing on the only truly important thing that matters in the entire world, making your customers happy and doing everything you can for them.

This is common sense, everyone.

Your customers are your boss and the oxygen of your business.

They are why we exist, why we are in the market, how we generate revenue, and yes, how we grow.

Somehow, someway, fancy blog posts, books, and Facebook status about the top tricks and tips to growing your company have gotten us away from what truly matters. The customer. Nothing else matters.

When you give them more value than what they are literally paying you for, they will know. They will share. They will come back.

Growing your company isn’t hard. It’s a lot of work, yes, but it isn’t hard.

Want to be like us at Chop Dawg? Care about your customers.

Want to become the next Apple? Care about your customers.

Want to earn a million dollars in revenue? Care about your customers.

Once you have down this basic, most important fundamental principle, scaling your growth won’t be an issue. However, it doesn’t matter how much marketing budget, how many blog posts that you write, how much time you spend shooting on the rooftops to attract new customers.

None of that matters except taking care of your customers.

About Joshua Davidson: I build apps and help grow companies. Founder and CEO of ChopDawg.com. Co-host of #thePawdcast on iTunes. Featured on FOX, MSNBC, CBS, Technically, EliteDaily and Mashable.

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