Why are you scared to fail?

Let’s get real for a moment here.

For most of you, the reason you never truly become an entrepreneur, even though you want nothing more than to become one, is because you’re scared to fail.

So let me ask, what is it that has you so scared?

Is it because you don’t want to let yourself down?

Is it because you don’t want to let someone you love down?

Is it because you don’t want to deal with the financial burden of failing?

Here is the true reason, you truly are scared to fail, why you haven’t become an entrepreneur nor probably ever will.

It isn’t because you’re scared to fail.

It isn’t because you’re scared of the unknown.

It isn’t because you’re scared to take the time and money to invest into growing your venture.

No, none of that.

It is because you’re scared to work.

You’re scared to work hard.

You’re scared to push yourself every single day, to be patient, and wait what could be years before seeing the dividends of your hard work.

That why you’re scared to fail.

It is because you’re scared of what it will actually take to succeed. That is why you’re scared. It isn’t failure, it is the process of not failing.

Why is this the case? I understand it completely.

It is because of how great most of our lives truly are in this day and age.

Yes, I get it. People work all of the time. We have boring cubicle jobs. The same consumerism lifecycle. The same slowly aging and dealing with life saga.

The reality is, though, we are comfortable.

Yes, it may not be the most attractive lifestyle when you compare it with others, especially in the entrepreneurial world, but the reality is, we have it good.

Never in human history could a low-to-middle income household live a more luxurious life. Yes, plenty of the world still isn’t up to that standard yet, but I must assume, if you’re reading this blog post, you’re not in that given situation, which means you have it made.

So, to give that all up, for the chance, for the slim chance, of being better and accomplishing your dream… that’s where you are scared to fail.

Why give up the average day-to-day life to work your heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears into the chance to be even better, to leave your mark?

The sooner we can be more honest with ourselves, the quicker we can begin realizing what makes us tick, what truly defines us, what we truly care about.

The most successful entrepreneurs fall in love with the process, with the work, with the impact on others.

This is what drives us.

The idea of being scared of the work is foreign.

I know first-hand, I was once scared of the work myself, for years. Hell, the first 2–3 years I ranChop Dawg, I couldn’t fathom having a company larger than truly myself as a glorified freelancer.

The thing is, though, growth doesn’t happen in our comfort zones.

You need to go into the area of uncertainty, of unknown, of unpredictability to truly learn about yourself and more importantly, to grow.

I challenge all of you are who are reading this, to take the time and truly ask yourself, what are you scared of. Get to the root cause, not the surface level BS, not what society tells you to be scared of. Identify the true source and more often than not, I am willing to bet, it is being scared of the work needed to be a success.

The sooner you realize this, the quicker you can overcome it.

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