ViralReel Review With Epic Bonuses

Kaushik Das
Jul 1 · 3 min read

Full ViralReel Review & Bonuses:


ViralReel is a cloud based viral video creation app that lets you create entertaining videos that are funny, engaging and viral, for your followers, videos that stand out, get more attention, are funny to watch, more engaging and share-worth.

The purpose of ViralReel is to let users easily create videos that emotionally connect with users, either funny, motivational or “me-too” style, forcing them to share the videos with their friends and followers and also taking action the call-to-action.

Boring marketing videos just don’t cut it anymore. And then if they’re long, no one wants to watch them. The user attention-snap is just too short due to content overloading on social media right now.

With these type of viral videos you can stand out from the crowd of unworthy content, get more attention from the viewers and audience and get shared easily.

ViralReel essentially helps you create videos that will go viral, bring in more followers, more traffic to your pages easily.


ViralReel helps you create videos that get more attention from the viewers and the audience and stand out in the crowded social media timeline, get higher viewer retention and get shared more, bringing it true viral traffic.

Unlike all the other type of videos published online, ViralReel creates the kind of videos that everyone LOVES to watch and engage with.

Using these videos also increases you viewer retention (how long a video is watched for or how many times) and more engagement (comments, likes and shares). Both these factors help rank higher on FB timeline, on Google and on YouTube search results. Which again, brings more organic traffic.


Create 3 types of Viral Style videos:

#1 Create Quotes Videos: Open editor, one random video clips is selected and 1 random quote is automatically added. User can change that video and quote, add more video and quotes, select time per slide/video-clip, different or same quote for all slides, add an intro clip, add an outro clip, add logo and watermark, add background music, add effects & transitions and even ad text-to-speech. Render as a 720p or 1080p video, square video or even GIF.

#2 Create GIFY Videos: Enter a keyword or number of keywords, enter number of slides to create. ViralReel finds trending and popular GIFs, displays them on the editor. Same editing and customization options as Quotes Editors.

#3 Create Trending Videos: Similar to Enter a keyword and number of slides to create. It’ll find short trending videos on youtube and other sources and curate them together. Same editing option as quotes editor.


  1. Create 100 Videos per day
  2. Create Quotes Style Videos
  3. Create GIFY Style Videos
  4. Create Trending Curated Videos
  5. Multi-User License — Use on multiple devices
  6. Create High Definition Videos
  7. Connect 500 Social Media Accounts
  8. Publish on Facebook Pages, Groups & Profiles
  9. Publish on YouTube
  10. Download the videos to own computer
  11. Insert your own logo and watermark
  12. Render as a GIFs
  13. Render as a Square Video for FB
  14. Access to ImageLibrary with 50,000+ Images
  15. Access to VideoLibrary with 10,000+ Video-Clips
  16. Access to 100+ Fonts
  17. Access to 5000+ Quotes to use
  18. Upload your own images, video-clips & music
  19. Text-To-Speech Features
  20. Cloud-Based App — Works on All Computers & Devices
  21. 100% Approved & Evergreen Software
  22. Dedicated Support and Regular Updates
  23. Detailed Training Included
  24. 100% guaranteed
  25. BONUS TRAINING WEBINAR: How to Make Fast Cash Using ViralReel Starting Tonight!

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