Uncle Ben once told Peter Parker, “With great power comes great responsibility”. This quote applies to fellow programmers who are involved in building projects. Being in the industry for over 5 years has made me reflect on my experiences so far, and it is time I give back to the community.

The Beginning

I started my career in a multi-national corporation, but I soon realized I wanted to work on more challenging roles with bigger responsibilities. And so, after a year, I joined a startup.

It was only a five-member dev team. It changed my outlook on development. I luckily found a…

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I recently attended a tech conference ReactFoo in Delhi. So I wanted to share with everyone what I learnt from the talks. There were numerous talks given, however I am just sharing the ones I connected to most.

Below are the sessions with brief explanations

React Internals — How understanding React implementation can help us make better apps

The talk was given by @ankit-muchhala . I loved how he explained about the internals of react. I learnt in depth how components are rendered and what are the steps that it goes through during the whole process, including understanding in details about the component lifecycle. …

Redux Store the brain of your application

This article is about how to think in Redux. We’ll try to understand how we can utilise this wonderful library to make our application more stable, robust, and maintainable. It is language agnostic, however we will keep our scope to Redux with React.

For those who haven’t used Redux before, I will quote from the docs:

Redux is a predictable state container for JavaScript apps.

It is only a 2kb library that solves one of the biggest problems in maintaining large JavaScript apps: state management.

This article is not about Redux, as there are plenty of articles about it already…

Courtesy https://stocksnap.io/ it is awesome!!

Storage has always been an integral part of building apps. While building a webapp for our company, I needed a way to persist my states in storage which was reliable, easy to use, and configurable based on the requirements.

Thankfully this library was the answer to all my problems!

This article is based on a problem I faced while working on a project. Let us dive deep and understand how the library helped me solve it.

If you haven’t already used redux-persist, then do read the docs, as they’re self-explanatory. …

Ever since the inception of Progressive Web App (PWA), I was obsessed with building a super fast webapp, after few months of rigorous development we launched our company’s first ever mobile webapp, LifCare Lite, so I would like to share some of my experience while building it.

The biggest challenge I faced was choosing the right stack. We had to build not only a webapp, but also have a codebase that will be maintainable in the future. The technologies I will be mentioning below will be a life saver for all , if you are planning to build something fast…

The story of requesting twice, allow me to explain how it all began.

While working on a feature, I decided to look at the network tab and observed that the first request was sent with method OPTIONS, and the following request after it was the request with the correct method eg GET, POST etc, which is returning the expected payload. Basically two calls for the same request.

Here take a look at the screen shots below

Ever since Redux was released by Dan and Andrew (huge fan ^_^), it certainly changed the way I used to write code. It opened a whole new door to the way we write our code using pure functions, immutable patterns, time travelling (wicked!!) and so much more. I am assuming you have prior knowledge of redux.

I first used redux for building our internal CRM web application for my company. A CRM tool is no small application of course, as time passed by, I soon realised my code was not so pure as I thought it would be. Coming from…

Logistic Regression is one of the world’s most popular model used to solve classification problems in machine learning.

This model will arm you with super powers to solve problems like classifying “spam” or “non-spam” emails, detect malignant tumours, blood pressure and so many more! I have always believed, before learning anything new, you should have a purpose to learn it. I hope you are motivated enough to learn it now!

Let us begin with binary classification problem, which means ‘y’ our output can have only two values ‘0 or 1’. For example if we are trying to make a spam…

I hear a lot of people saying that EDM(Electro dance music) is not pure music. I beg to defer. People mistake EDM for songs that they are used to hearing. The origins of EDM is said to have come from the underground rave parties. So basically EDM was created for dancing and partying. One of my friend once said during our drunk times, "it cant compare to music of heavy metal." Now I wish, I could show my friend what metalstep is all about.

Yes to some extent music is not purely from the instruments like raw guitar or…

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