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Uncle Ben once told Peter Parker, “With great power comes great responsibility”. This quote applies to fellow programmers who are involved in building projects. Being in the industry for over 5 years has made me reflect on my experiences so far, and it is time I give back to the community.

The Beginning

I started my career in a multi-national corporation, but I soon realized I wanted to work on more challenging roles with bigger responsibilities. And so, after a year, I joined a startup.

It was only a five-member dev team. It changed my outlook on development. I luckily found a great mentor and awesome teammates who helped me grow. But then again, we were a fast-paced company. To ensure delivery on time we often compromised on our code quality. We often assumed we would fix it in the end. So as we built the ship, we left loopholes. …


Lusan Das

UI Engineer @Flipkart || React || EDM || Scuba Lover || Travel || Food

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