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Great question.

I believe you don’t necessarily need to put everything in store. But using it itself is not expensive as well.

For example, Pages P and Reducer R

P1 → R1

P2 → R2

P3 → R3

lets say you are loading P1, then we only need R1, but store will load R1, R2, R3 ie all of them. What if I have a way, I will load only R1, rest of the reducers in an async manner. This in a way will solve to some extent your problem.

Check out this answer by Dan himself https://stackoverflow.com/questions/32968016/how-to-dynamically-load-reducers-for-code-splitting-in-a-redux-application

It is always a choice, using reducer/action has different usages. It itself is a complex topic, I think more of a developer preference who is building it.

Hope my answer helps you :)