What Really Happened To The Guy Who Promised To Text You But Didn’t

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Off balanced damaged smartphone Photo by Ali Abdul Rahman on Unsplash

I use my smartphone for two reasons:

  1. To ask my mother what she wants me to fix for dinner when I leave work.
  2. To find out how many Amazon Kindle Books I haven’t Sold (yet, again).

Once those two tasks are complete, my phone is just a pretty paperweight. I haven’t upgraded because no one communicates with me. I wasn’t always an introvert that focused on only cooking dinner for my mom and reading Amazon kindle stats. I used to have friends to text, people asking me about my weekend plans, and so on. Now, I get excited when a telemarketer calls because at least I can have a conversation with someone other than my mom (I still love you, ma!).

However, what happens when you meet a nice guy that you have a lot in common with, your conversation leads to you giving him your phone number, and then you let him know in passing to text you anytime and he doesn’t?

What goes on in your head when you don’t hear from this dude? Well here’s what you’re probably thinking:

Did He Die?

His Bae Deleted Your Number.

He Thinks You Cray!

At this point, guess what’s going on in his head:

“Oh my god, she’s trying to lock me down! Oh, heck nah!”

“Don’t she know I’m a busy businessman conducting business!?!”

“I’ve got way too much on my plate, I have Doritos Loco’s Tacos stains all over my favorite white game controller!”

“This chick psycho, who text’s someone after getting their phone number???”

Or some other manly thought along the lines above.

Finally, He Just Wasn’t That Into Texting You

So what should you do, if you see this man again?

  1. Put Your Phone Away: And, look for human beings to speak to face-to-face. Texting should never control you.
  2. Set Your Phone On Fire: Because you might be psycho and may have been texting him 90+ times in less than fifteen minutes.

Do you have any advice to help me or someone else dealing with this situation?

And, if you’re a guy who dodges text messages let me know why in the comments, I’m curious!

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A nerdy twenty-something who writes about work, being a full-time caretaker, anime, and sci-fi & fantasy books. Check out her official blog at DASmithWrite.com.

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