Android development blog: Preface

Before we begin diving deep into Android programming I feel like I need to introduce myself first and what my plans are for the upcoming journey to mastering Android.

About Me

I`m Danielius Ašmontas 21 years old from Lithuania. I have been programming on and off for a while now. I have some knowledge of Java, Android, Unity3D, Laravel, AngularJS and other. My problem is that I like all of the previously mentioned programming languages/frameworks that to simply put it are: Game, Mobile App, and Web development. Honestly, it would be pretty hard to be skilled in all of them. I just feel like Android is the place where I belong, that I need to settle and focus 100% of my time on it. At least for now.

Why Blog?

Why not ? I feel like documenting my goal of getting experienced in Android is the right thing to do and also give back by maybe helping a few people out there like me struggling to learn to develop Android apps. Surely, I might not be the best when it comes to writing but bear with me.