A Beginner’s Guide to (CIE) Colorimetry
Chandler Abraham

Dear Chandler:

There are several questions troubling me:

1. My fundamental question is that it appears that some colors will not be reproduced using either CIEXYZ color matching functions (CMF) or CIE RGB CMFs, is that correct?

2. It is obvious that a significant swath of colors in 440nm-540nm which cannot be reproduced using CIE rgb CMFs, why was it accepted and adopted in the first place?

3. CIEXYZ color space is just a linear transform of CIE RGB, if the colors in 440–540nm is not reproducible in CIE RGB, how come those colors can be reproduced in CIEXYZ which claims to include all visible colors?

4. Why the red CMF extends to the blue area in CIEXYZ space, does it mean pure blue colors cannot be reproduced using CIEXYZ CMFs, or pure blue colors cannot be reproduced by any RGB color spaces which are all based on CIEXYZ?

I will be grateful if you guide me through them with great clarity. Thanks for your time.


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