i know that typescript is supposed to speed up the translation from JS to assembly code, but would…

TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript, meaning it’s a layer around JS with more methods and that makes you follow a certain way of development that you don’t have to otherwise in vanilla (like having to set the types of your variables).

It does not transcompile to web assembly, it does so to vanilla JS.

One of the possible advantages is that it will give you any error you may have in the syntax on compile time (when you save for example) instead of runtime (when you are using your application).

Your development becomes more smooth in the long run, the transcompile doesn’t take that long so it shouldn’t be a huge impact in your speed compared to the gains of having the errors show up without having to run the application.

I prefer a more vanilla approach as stated in the article since it doesn’t abstract the language nonetheless I understand the appeal of using it.

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