what really struck me was the way in which Enspiral’s power lies less with the stuff it manages than the connections it enables.
Living, Breathing Platforms
Nathan Schneider

Finding a balance of lifestyle and livelihood in Enspiral’s story seems to be a matter of, “put feelings first.”

What Alanna Krause once told me a few years back about Enspiral membership arrangements is so simple: every 3 months, members receive an email asking, “Do you still feel like a member?” I don’t even think that’s paraphrasing!

It’s easier to open a conversation than close it down with a checklist of did-you-do-things-we-told-you-to-do-to-remain-in-good-standing. Of course, Enspiral does have criteria for membership, including a suggested revenue sharing amount of 5% for ventures and up to 20% for contractors. And then they have conversations about what membership means at length, at retreats. Almost all the time, in fact.

The connections stay human because of the ongoing conversation.

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