First Time Growing Cannabis Outdoors in South Africa? Here’s what you need.

A brief breakdown of what you’ll need to start your first grow, keep it simple and uncomplicated.

For best results, it’s best to germinate seeds in October as the amount of hours of sunlight are over 12. Plants will generally go straight into flower if the hours of light are hovering around 12. So for example, I plant at the beginning of September, after 6 weeks the plant is actually mature enough to produce buds/flowers. So what happens is, your plant will be in flower in October then because you’ll be moving toward the summer solstice, light will be increasing and there will be a point where you plant will stop growing and change from flowering mode back to vegetative(Leaf mode), this can waste a lot of time and cause stress on your plant and potentially turn into a raging hermaphrodite.

You’ll need a jiffy pellet, available at most grow shops.

Expanding coco pellets. AKA Jiffies

Pots Pots Pots

You’re going to need a smaller pot to start with, solocups are cheap and easy.

Perfect for your seedling to grow in.
Fabric pots are amazing and come in different sizes

Where to get fabric pots?

Organic soil?

Do yourself a favor and buy the best soil you can, it will reward you later on.

I personally recommend Freedomfarms soil, it’s always consistent and produces amazing results.

Hungry soil and what to feed it

Your soil will have enough nutrients to get your plants quite far along in the growing process, however you will need to supplement your soil with some good organic food. Biobizz has a great product line, you could just get the Grow and Bloom, the Fish-Mix is a great optional extra though.

That’s pretty much it really if you want to keep it as simple and as basic as possible whilst not breaking the bank.

Cool additional options

Pipe cleaners are amazing to shape and hold your branches in place, whether you live in a windy area or are growing in the kitchen cupboards, they are a great asses to any grower.
Kebab sticks are also great to help anchor your plant down.
Nothing worse than a soggy bottom hey, put your pots on top of one of these, let the air flow around the entire fabric pot.

Need a basic grow guide?

Here you go, it’s also free, browse to

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Who to follow on Instagram?

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