What to Wear In Goa?: Here Are Some Outfits That You Must Try!

Are Planning for a Goa trip?. But, worried about what to wear in goa?. Don’t worry. Goa is a all season vacation place, where you can enjoy your vacation best. But, we don’t like to look fade in vacation photos because of odd fashion. In this post, I will tell you everything that you need to know about Goa fashion tips. Whether you are going on February, November, March, July, August, April, December, or January, your style signature must on for every season.

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Goa is best holiday destination where we can enjoy your fullest. But, besides the enjoyment, we also should take care for our fashion goals. However, this is a vacation place where we can’t go roughly with highly designer fashion, or not even too much ordinary.So, we have to keep a perfect balance fashion for Goa. But what is that so-called “perfect balance fashion for Goa”?. In Goa fashion wardrobe, a perfect balanced fashion means, not too much glassy but should make you glow. Like rather than going with high heels we should prefer sandals for the beach. But that scandal must be stylish and unique enough to give you exposure.

Before going to “what to wear”. Let’s first talk about “what not to wear”!

What Not To Wear in Goa

  • Heavy designer stuff: Yes, you should avoid all those traditional heavy designer stuff. We must go with light weight clothes like tops, shorts, jeans. You can go with Indian or western any outfit you want, but must not have heavy work on them.
  • High heels: You must avoid going with high heels on the beach. It’s not a comfortable for your holiday vacation for the beach. Better go with a light weight scandal or shoes.
  • Heavy makeup: We are not going for the red carpet or not even for a high profile party. We, are here to enjoy fullest, to live the moment fullest. However, you need to put sunscreen cream to protect from sunbeams, but don’t make it overloaded with all heavy makeup stuff.
  • Weighty jewelry: It doesn’t make any sense to wear heavy gems on the beach. So, better leave your jewelry for parties and go with little or no jewelry.

What to wear on Goa beaches (For Men & Women)

The main attraction of Goa is “beach”. We all want to get a view of Goa beach, but at the final hours, we often got confused with “what should we wear?”. Yes, there are some conventional beachwear’s that you can wear. But, for the special taste of Goa, Here, I have handpicked best beachwear’s that you can try out. You will find almost every form of beachwear here.

Qualities that beachwear must have

  • Must be easy and relaxed fit.
  • Should not be too much tight, that make your uncomfortable.
  • Made of comfortable fabric quality.
  • Less is good, As we all go to the beach to enjoy the fresh air. Its good idea to go with less, so that fresh air can touch your body directly.

Below, I put a slider for the best beachwear outfit idea for Goa. Have a look.

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Now, you have seen some amazing beachwear collection for Goa. But, have you planned for what you will wear on other places then Beach?. You can’t go with beachwear everywhere. Can you?. So, you have to get some casual clothing for other events like club party, outing, etc.

Casual Goa Fashion for Men

Basically, men wore cotton made comfortable clothes like t shirts, casual shirts, casual Kurta (for ethnic fashion). In the bottom section boxer, short pants, ¾ pants, chinos, trousers, jeans. However, you can try any casual fashion. just make sure it’s looking good on you. Because, even you have most expensive dresses unless it looks good on you, its not worthy at all. Don’t get confused because below I brought some best casual wear outfit ideas. Have a look.

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Casual Goa Fashion for Women

With lots of fashion choices, women’s get confused most of the time. One can go with tops, t shirt, shirts, hot pants, shorts, bikinis, skirts, kurtis, and many more choices are there. But, what really suits perfect for Goa?. Exactly that’s that question that is hunting every Goa planner women’s. Here, is the answer, below I have given some coolest outfit ideas for Goa fashion for women, that every woman must try. Have a look below.

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Some Fashion Tips For Happy Goa Vacation

  • Go with sunscreen cream to protect yourself from sunbeams.
  • Keep yourself hydrated with water, lemon juice, or any other healthy drinks. It will glow your skin and will express your beauty.
  • Go with capes or hat, in the beaches. Or you can put shades for beaches.
  • Always keep scandals or casual shoes with yourself. and never go with heels in beach sands.


Goa is the place for fullest enjoyment, you party, go to the beach, make friends, hang out, do whatever you want. You have full of your freedom at Goa. Wish you a very happy Goa vacation.

Originally published at ferri.in on May 12, 2017.