My Name

It is really starting to get dark now.The way is all covered with walls closing on light.

I dont know where this is going to. It all appears like a perpetual insomnia. Days after days nights after nights, this is starting to freak me out.

I have this unpleasant feeling where time moves in constant loops around my abdomen. It is sick to be paranoid of all these scenes just passing through my window.

But it feels so real, I feel attached to it,being a part of it.How do I change the system from inside it, while working as its cavalry my existence feels unloved without comforting my mind. I am in a dream of somebody now, I cant wake up until I open my eyes. But I am already watching something real, So how do I?

I was walking down the road after regular hours of learning minds. The light feeling of a sudden wind, I was already travelling in the clouds. I put my hands in my pocket to feel relaxed. Something stuck my hands. I searched for it. It was a Visa card with a name on it. I read the name as “Vishnu Das M”. Something stuck my mind, and I wondered who that could be ? . Why am I carrying somebodys gem !!

Another bird chirped, saying wake up now. I deluded back to my reality now, once again.

Iit kgp

March 24