The Dreamer

All I can do, is go left or right.
Sometimes I end up, waking myself.
I check the time, at times.
Just to be sure, for myself.

Wake up, right were I want.
Check my hands, for some flesh.
Again go back, to dream.
One more time, like always
The beautiful dream, the bad dream,
the good dream, nothing changes.
Do I know, sure I am dreaming.
Yet I confuse, myself again.

To feel good, it matters.
To feel bad, it matters.
Reflections and realities snaps back.
I see myself and it doesn’t matter.

I am flying, even when I am down.
I am screaming, even when I am high.
I think of all this, in another dream.
And I wake up somewhere else.

NR223, Nalanda Classroom Complex
IIT Kharagpur.
13 Sept16.