Why I’m Getting Burnt Out on Marvel Movies

From a teenage comic book lover’s percetion

Instead of browsing the comic book store, my superhero obessesion started in a movie theater with the screening of Marvel’s ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ . I never really gave superheros that much thought but after leaving the theater I wanted to know more about this whole comic book universe. Top Ten Mojo videos were the gateway drug and soon I spiraled into this super hero addiction, refusing to go to bed without learning a new super hero origin. I was the child in the dark armed with a flashlight shining on my comic book. Instead of a physical book and a flashlight, the only thing I had was a cell phone illuminating and satisfying my quench for men with supreme abilites.

Superheros come in all different shapes, sizes, and species. Whether it was Hulk or Groot, I would still enjoy them and their stories. Each character has a personality and a ‘moral code’ they follow. For example, Spider Man’s light hearted humor, Deadpool’s breaking the fourth wall antics, and Iron Man’s arrogance. In the movies however, Marvel portrays these characters as a light hearted one-liner comedian. They’re marketed as these best friends who give each other “goodbye hugs” when they leave after enjoying a night out.

[Avengers: Age of Ultron Spoilers] When Quicksilver is first shown in Age of Ultron, he says “Didn’t see that coming” to Hawkeye. Cool right? Since he is a speed demon per say and knocked him down. Hawkeye returns the favor when he hits Quicksilver with an arrow and says “What? Didn’t see that coming?” and that was fine. Just two characters gloating at one another, they’re somewhat rivals at this point so they can tease one another but however, when Quicksilver saves the woman and gets riddled with bullets his last words (to Hawkeye) were “Didn’t see that coming, now did you?” Like come on, as sad as his death was he didn’t need to say that. With the movies dialogue I felt as if there should be a laugh track after each time a character talked.

Some characters need this though, Peter Parker in Spider Man lives off this light hearted humor because it’s who he is! Deadpool is a crude, and never-takes-anything-serious killer, I mean his nickname is ‘Merc With A Mouth’. The recent Deadpool film captured this perfectly because they fought tooth and nail for an R-rated movie. Imagine Deadpool as a family movie night out, a complete dissapointment.

With every movie Marvel makes I feel like they’re trying to make it appeal to everyone, from your 5 year old niece to Grandma. They need to stay true to the characters and how they act. I’d rather wait 3 years for the next installment with characters that know how to interact with others than have a movie shoved out in 1 year with Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, and Thor sitting around an infinity gem telling knock-knock jokes.

Overall I grow tired of this need to appeal to everyone mentality. Not every movie needs to be the same with the same humor. So in the future, who knows? I’m just a fella with disagreements with the future of comic book movies. So in the end, who knows what they might say because I’m a sucker who will still see the movie no matter what.

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