Mara Averick
Sep 28, 2017 · 1 min read

This is interesting. From reading Elijah Meeksintroduction to and takes on certain aspects of Semiotic (early versions and all), this seems like a mismatch between goals and use (which, I think is part of what you’re saying, as well). That said, designers and developers don’t get to dictate user behavior…that’s just part of life. I spend a lot of time opining on the ~ontology of visualization— the ways in which all frameworks (and media: paper, computer, etc.) introduce certain biases. Obviously, some are more constraining than others, and, likewise, some are more explicit about the biases and constraints they introduce.

I don’t have a conclusion here…which feels weird, because Medium’s “notes” end up being their own pieces. The Medium medium makes me want to insert a faux unifying ending, but my perambulations will stay as such.

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