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A personal story, looking into my diverse origin

Population Pyramid of the US by Sex, Age, and Race

Population pyramids may be quite informative, even though they can be quite dull. According to Wikipedia they may also be called age-sex pyramids. They are basically horizontal bar graphs grouped by age, where the x-axis represents the population size. One side for males the other for females. Colors may vary, but they tend to stay in the red and blue range. Fortunately for us, demographers and data scientists are coming up with a new set of pyramids to inform about population changes.

Randy Olson ventured into Rethinking the Population Pyramid. But this…

A Royal Family Network-Tree

An interactive piece of history, following royal ancestry lines

British Royal Family Tree-Network

I always wondered about my ancestors. Dreamed they had amazing backgrounds and relations. I gathered a bit of information about my great grandparents, but as all cool things in life, there is a lot of mystery surrounding their lives. I have not had the opportunity to trace my family, and in the absence of this information, I focused my attention on well-known family trees. Royal families were there, for me to study.


Interested in Data Visualizations

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