Use Google Analytics more efficiently

If you use google analytics you have probably — as we have — tried different ways to get your main kpis pushed to you every day (or week / month) in order to save time (avoiding the hassle to having to logging into the interface or any third party system) and encourage analytics adoption in your organization. is the perfect solution to achieve this objective! It integrates Google Analytics and Slack to receive every day, week, or month detailed notifications with the data that matters to you. With zero effort.

But what if I don’t use Slack? Easy, signup for a free Slack account ( and start using it as your new dashboard solution together with (you can read this post about how to convince your coworkers to use Slack!). Once you are all set you can share your slack channels with your colleagues.

When your Slack account is ready, signup to, and in no more than a couple of minutes later you will have your Google Analytics notifications configured.

Connect to your Google Analytics account

When you login for the first time you will see the following window where you can choose what data you want to retrieve:

Select Google Analytics — unless you prefer to connect first to another source of data! — and follow the process to give access to your google analytics account.

Once you connected to your Google Analytics account a default notification is automatically created, and will be sent every morning to your Slack channel with the following information. You can see your notification list in the “notifications” section in the left menu.

Example of Google Analytics default notification

You can of course customize or create new notifications to suit your needs.

One step farther: use eCommerce and objectives

By default google analytics integration includes default kpis. You can include eCommerce and Google Analytics objectives as well. To do that, just click on “modify” and then switch on eCommerce and/or goals tracking options.

Siwtch on eComerce and Goals Tracking.

For objective tracking, choose which objectives you want to retrieve (objective 1 to 5 corresponding to the objectives you have set in Google Analytics) and give them a name.

Create your own custom notification

Creating your own custom notification is very easy. Click on “New Notification” from the Notifications section and set the different parameters as shown in the video.

And here you are, you’ll receive your brand new created notification in your Slack channel!

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