“Replace Me” showing up in OBIEE 12c data source names

The other day I was baffled because the words “Replace Me” were showing up in our OBIEE repository for the connection pool data source name and user name. It was happening to EVERY connection! First I noticed it in online mode then I noticed it in the offline rpd that I had uploaded. But I swore that when I saved it, there was an actual name there. How did it get there?

The overview is that I have an online rpd that is showing <Replace Me> for the data source name and user on all connection pools. When I run uploadrpd to upload a file that has data source connections defined, the connection pools in the online version stay as <Replace Me> and the offline file connection pools also get overwritten with <Replace Me>.

1. Used importServiceInstance to import a bar file that did not include credentials. 
2. Connected online, saw that all connection pools have <Replace Me> as data source name 
3. Used uploadrpd as follows to upload an offline rpd file that has data source connection pools defined (checked file before to be sure) 
datamodel.cmd uploadrpd -I <path to file> -SI ssi -U weblogic -P <weblogic password> -W <rpd password> -D 
4. Connected online, noticed that connection pools still say <Replace Me> 
5. Opened file in offline mode, noticed that connection pools now say <Replace Me>. Also noted that the modified date in windows explorer hasn’t changed oddly enough.

Strange huh? Seems like a bug. Moral of the story, back up your rpd files because you can’t trust that uploadrpd command to keep them intact.

To get it back to normal, I had to import a blank bar file rpd then I could upload the rpd with the connections set. Other option: export your service instance with your connection credentials in it.
importServiceInstance(‘<Domain Home>’, ‘Service Instance’, ‘<Oracle_BI_Home>/bifoundation/admin/provisioning/oracle.bi.application.empty.bar’, true, false, false)

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