The Personal Data Revolution: The Ingredients Are Being Mixed

Dec 18, 2018 · 7 min read
Mixing a delicious data cocktail

Look Who’s Tracking

Sleep Tight

Agreement in the House?

Pichai, flanked by onlookers during congressional testimony

New Proposed Legislation

It’s long past time we rethink how our personal data is collected, stored, and shared online. -Senator Bennet

These companies are making billions off of this data and they’re keeping Americans in the dark about how it is being used. That’s wrong and it is especially alarming because it seems like every day we hear about new data breaches. It is clear that we must do more to protect consumer privacy. -Senator Klobuchar

Consumers understand now more than ever that their data is valuable and vulnerable to misuse. Everyone should be able to trust that their data is being protected and used properly. -Senator Booker

Far too many times, we have seen online providers fail to meet their users’ expectations about how their personal data will be collected, used and protected. The current system is skewed against consumers and we have to fix it. -Senator Baldwin

In today’s era of ‘big data,’ Americans are using the internet every day without fully understanding the consequences of every click and whether that click just handed over their personal data for unwanted uses. This is simply unacceptable. -Senator Durbin

Not as Easy as it Sounds

A Better Way


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User-controlled, blockchain-based, backed by the world’s personal data

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