Vote NO on measure RR of you think public mass transit is important.

Measure RR (“The BART Bond”) commits BART to an uncompetitive direction which will ultimately lead to its demise. If you believe public mass transit is important, vote NO on RR. BART needs a plan to provide awesome transit in 20 years before the public gives it 3.5 billion.

It’s unacceptable that BART’s plan to spend more than >$15 Billion and 20 years on projects that don’t significantly improve the the rider’s experience or system economics. BART’s plan will create worse crowding on trains, higher ticket prices and the same high maintenance and expansion costs. It will become as outdated and as useful as a cable car.

Meanwhile, it’s likely that competing private companies (Tesla, Google, Lyft and others) will develop self driving transit options that will be more comfortable and cost less than BART. People will choose not to ride BART when there are better cheaper options.

Vote NO on RR to raise the expectations for public mass transit.