Data digitization outsourcing

Each business association is trading or managing colossal data or information regular. This data or information is exceptionally imperative for the business association to take successful choice for smooth operation of the association and for future reference. By and large data or information are put away in the paper record organization or picture group throughout the years. Draw out utilization of this information may bring about harming or loosing of information unendingly. So keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee the steady and long haul utilization of the information or data, the requirement for specific report digitizing administrations emerges.

Data digitization or Document digitization is a framework driven procedure system in which information or data is procured from daily papers, books, paper records, business cards, periodicals or picture documents, video, sound, signal (for the most part a simple flag) and changed over into advanced configurations. We can change over information to adaptable configurations like Text, HTML, XML, Access, Excel, Word, GIF, JPEG or TIFF, ASCII, RTF or delimited content documents. The information can likewise be conveyed in a media document like CDs, Tapes etc.

Types of Digitization: -

  • From paper to electronic formats
  • From audio tapes and VHS to Compact Disks (CDs/DVDs)
  • From Vinyl film to digital media (MP3, MPEGS)
  • From blueprints, maps and diagrams to editable, retrievable, shareable data that can be efficiently manipulated
  • From invoices & applications to intelligent data warehouses making data mining easy

Digitization Service Process: -

  • At initial stage the actual requirement of the client is thoroughly checked.
  • After that the dotted documents are collected from the customer and are aligned properly.
  • Aligned documents are scanned and saved as image files.
  • The scanned documents or images are converted into text files with the use of Optical character recognition (OCR).
  • The documents or data are saved giving detailed file names which are termed as indexing the documents.
  • The documents are organized in separate or combined PDF files after taking in consideration the exact requirement of the customer.
  • At the end of the process quality control is done to rectify all the minor errors that might have remained and then digital images and index information are delivered in formats specified by our customers.
  • A double keying system is applied where every entry is performed twice and compared with proprietary software to check the accuracy. If any error is found, correction is done instantly.

The benefits of using our Data Digitizing Service :-

  • Perpetual preservation of all your vulnerable physical documents.
  • Accumulate and protect data for future references
  • Trouble-free & customized access to information.
  • Replace the cumbersome methods of document storage/retrieval.
  • Duplication of data easily
  • Clean up and get rid of unnecessary data
  • Accumulate and protect data for future references
  • Systematic archiving of documents
  • Easy to share.
  • Makes data well-matched with all modes of digital data transfer.
  • Information can be distributed smoothly by means of images, text, CD-ROMs, internet, intranets and extranets.
  • A qualified professional team comprising of 50+ dedicated people who are well versed with data management to fulfill the task systematically.
  • Cost effective price and superior data security.