April 2023 — Kids Month!

DataFam Con
2 min readMar 30, 2023

My (Nicole Klassen) son’s birthday is in April, and he’s turning 5 this year! So I’m taking over DataFamCon to share some kid-friendly data sets. My son loves anything related to cars, Paw Patrol, super heroes, and tv shows related to cars, Paw Patrol, and super heroes. So for this month you’ll find data around kids toys, movies, animated tv shows, and (you guessed it) Paw Patrol.

Besides the kids data I have, I’d love to see you bring their own data related to kids. It can be things you loved as a kid, things your kids love, data about your kids/nieces/nephews/other kids, etc.

Below are a few viz examples. Keep scrolling below for a link to the data:

Ollie’s Lullabies: a viz all about the songs we have been singing to my son every night for 5 years.

Paw Patrol: A Cautionary Tale by Vincent Baumel

Family Movie Night by Agata Ketterick

The data can be found on data.world. It includes

  • Movies.csv
  • imdb.csv
  • Animated movies around the world from 1948–2023
  • Kid toy sales in the US
  • Paw Patrol pup deployments, seasons 1–7


Don’t forget to submit to the tracker! I can’t wait to see all the awesome kid vizzes.