June 2022: Dungeons and Dragons with #GamesNightViz and #Preppin’ Data!

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3 min readJun 1, 2022

The Tableau Community is all about bringing people together and making friends. So let’s get together, play some Dungeons and Dragons, and go on a quest to create an amazing viz! Dungeons & Dragons is a collaborative fantasy tabletop role-playing game where players create a character and the Dungeon Master determines the story and rules. A single adventure can turn into a long running campaign, just like publishing a single viz on Tableau Public can turn into completing a 30 Day Chart Challenge.

DnD is the best known and best selling role-playing game; in 2017 it was estimated that 20 million players had played the game with more than $1billion USD in sales of books and equipment. DnD has permeated pop culture, being mentioned in books and movies such as Ready Player One and TV shows like Stranger Things. Critical Role is a podcast where the hosts play D&D and brings in an average of 22,000 viewers a week; their campaign was also turned into the show Vox Machina on Amaze Prime Video.

So without further ado, the data!

  • Critical Roll — breaking down the name Critical Role DnD Campaign, see all the episodes, players stats, roles, and more.
  • DnD spells and DnD monsters — Learn more about the spells and monsters from the 5th edition of DnD
  • DnD 2020 Classes and Subclasses — Check out the popularity of the various DnD classes and subclasses
  • Check out the June 1 Preppin’ Data challenge for an additional DnD dataset.
  • Stranger Things — Because the fourth season of Stranger Things premiered May 27th and has a strong connection with DnD we wanted to add in a dataset about the first two seasons. This includes the characters and locations by episode for seasons one and two.
  • As always, Bring Your Own Data! Do you have a favorite DnD campaign you want to visualize? Or book that is based on DnD? What about using the Netflix rating files from our Witcher month to look at how Stranger Things has rated on Netflix? Reddit data? The world is your oyster!

All the data can be found on our Data.World site (click here). Below are so great DnD examples to get the creative juices flowing. And don’t forget to submit to the tracker (click here)! Happy Vizzing!

DnD by the Numbers

DnD Encounter Generator

DnD Monster Profiles

Critical Role

Stranger Things